Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We did it!

I got up bright and early yesterday. All my jury items were packed and ready. I drove to Shamokin Dam to meet up with Dixie, a friend and fellow member of the Williamsport Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. She does awesome wheat weaving and was scheduled for the same jury session. Her husband Matt drove us the rest of the way to Lancaster. She seemed like a cool cucumber, until we got there, then she admitted that her nerves were frazzled too! We set up our displays and went for a walk. We stopped at a few galleries and then decided on a bite to eat. If we were going to get bad news we preferred not to hear it with empty stomachs! At the scheduled time we returned to the jury room... and both of us were greated with our seals! The feeling of relief is a wonderful thing. So happy!!!!