Friday, April 27, 2012

The Other Loom

In preparation for the studio tour I warped both of my four harness looms. This one has a cotton warp that I natural dyed in brazilwood, coreopsis and black hollyhock. The colours overlap giving it a cool painterly effect. I wove two scarves and had a little warp left over. This is some handspun natural dyed alpaca in a point twill on the tail end of the warp. What I will do with the little piece, I have no idea! However I need to cut the scarves off and knot the fringes tonight because the Lewisburg Arts Festival is tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Susquehanna River Arts Studio Tour Weekend

Here I am warping one of my looms with a natural dyed rainbow rug yarn warp in preparation for the studio tour this coming weekend.

One of the local organizations that I belong to is Susquehanna River Arts. SRA was created by the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau to showcase the works of local artisis. The Susquehanna River Arts project highlights the cultural assets of our region and fosters an appreciation of both our communities and our heritage.

Saturday and Sunday April 21st and 22nd is the inaugural Open Studio Tour. There are twelve artists featured and all the studios are open from 10am-6pm both days. I am #12 on the map in the full colour brochure the visitors bureau created. You can visit their website for more information including lodging packages, go to:

I hope to see you in my studio!