Friday, March 6, 2009

Philadelphia Flower Show

Yesterday I embarked on my annual sojourn to the 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show. Philly got nailed pretty hard with the snow storm on monday. The severe cold temperatures kept the March snow intact, but inside the convention center it is spring. The theme this year was Italy and some displays were better than others at evoking Italia. I am, however, never disappointed at the opportunity to experience flowers. Spring bulb flowers, incredible tiny iris, blooming cherry trees, wisteria, azalea, roses, delphinium and an incredibly fragrant blooming grapefruit are just a few of the flowers we saw. An exhibit that got raves from me featured a plethora of lilies and amaryllis in amazing colours. All the way home I was imagining how to recreate the beautiful shading with my natural dyed wool. So many ideas that my head is spinning! I must get to work...

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