Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alpaca Shearing Day

Wednesday was the long awaited shearing day. Bud and Karen from Shores Fiber Farm brought their trailer down from Ulster to use as a shearing shed. My friend Denise stopped by and took this photo of me clipping burdocks out of Boo's topknot before he was sheared. Bud handled the actual shearing and shots while I collected fiber and attempted to keep them as calm as possible! The strange surroundings and buzzing of the electric clippers got them rather excited. They all look so different without the bushy fiber. The first thing they did back in the pasture was roll in the dirt, I guess it is itchy like a fresh haircut. It was a long but satisfying day.


  1. So that's it? What happened after you gave that poor creature a buzz cut? We really need to know...

  2. Alpacas look so great! I am a felter and I was wondering if their fibre can be felted alone or in combination of sheep wool?