Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lakefront Property

It rained on Sunday, at night even harder and then kept pouring Monday morning. By 10:00 am this is what my back "yard" looked like. The creek, that is not normally visible, could not handle the runoff from the hill in front of the house. Once again the driveway got washed out, water in the basement and septic system flooded (not funtioning still)... Today is sunny and beautiful and I have to find a septic repair dude. More $$ that I don't have out the window for shit, literally.


  1. Face it - you are just meant to always live by a lake! Two thoughts: 1)will your homeowners insurance cover the septic issue, or is there a deductable that is more that the cost of septic dude? 2) the Penn State extensions used to be helpful with things like flooding problems; maybe "fish" around there a bit? And how about putting boyfried dude to work digging a trench to catch the runoff? Good exercise even if it doesn't work. Your photo might make a nice painting; anything new in that area? Does your farm still have one of those little buildings with the half-moon on the door? Good luck!

  2. My wonderful brother, bless him, came out with a monster flashlight and investigated the problem (from above). The dousing tank is the one with the leak but even so it's not a place to go into until necessary. I will need to get a backhoe to do the digging someday when the ground thaws out since the TOP of the tank is five feet below the surface. I'll have the machine dig the trench at that time. In the meantime the pump appears to be working but the alarm got ripped down by the incoming water.

  3. Hooray for brothers! (Sisters are great too.) A "dousing tank" in not something I would want to jump into! Remember to post photos of when you're operating the backhoe!