Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Felt Kitty

I certainly have a house full of models to look at! I introduced a handful of felted wool cats at ArtSpace Gallery in Bloomsburg last week and they all found homes rather quickly. Yesterday was the Lewisburg Arts Festival and some more were adopted. It is a good feeling when a new product is readily accepted. As always, I wish I could work faster!


  1. OMG! Now you've done it! Every cat lover is going to have to have one of these (or will receive one as a birthday gift)! do you make them in different colors and breeds? How long does it take to make one?
    Way to go Linda!

  2. Linda - I LOOOOOOVE the kitty - no wonder so many found homes! How ever did you get one of the models to sit still long enough - LOL!

    I'm still having a blast with my instructor and wet felting. We'll have to get togther again soon so we can show each other MORE cool felt stuff!

  3. Linda - I love these kitties! After visiting your place a few weeks back, I can understand why you made them! Mark tried to send a few of the real things home with Ryan and I!