Monday, June 20, 2011

Show Season in full swing

So far in June I've been out to Pittsburgh (for the first time) and to the pan handle of West Virginia. At Three Rivers I lucked out with no bad storms during the first weekend time slot. The volunteers at 3Rivers were the absolute best I've encountered anywhere, thank you! They made me look forward to doing the show again in spite of the distance and obstacles.
The weather for the Mountain Culture Fest in WV was really hot and then the inevitable T-storm. My show results were not too good.
Now the preparations for Kutztown's nine day folk festival are occupying my every waking hour.

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  1. glad to hear Pittsburgh went well! But the real question is which of the local brews did you drink: Iron City, Duquesne, Iroquois, or Rolling Rock? If any of the first three, you might still be recovering! Hang in there!