Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Colourful Felt Design

This is only the first layer of wool and it took HOURS to blend and twirl and position all the colours. I have to lay out at least four more layers of wool, wet it out with hot soapy water and then begin to felt! I have a vision of what I want and hope this gets me there.

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  1. Hi Linda -
    This is Elaine from Bethesda! I can't wait to see how your swirls of wool project turns out! I love the beginning of it!
    I wanted to tell you that I just used your planted dyed cotton velvets that I bought from you at Sully a few years ago. I had been hoarding them for the "perfect project," which ended up being a pillow I made for my daughter's friend, who recently had open heart surgery. I transferred a photo I took of her beloved dog on to a piece of fabric, and then sewed various velvet fabrics in a log cabin design to create a pillow cover. Your fabrics were perfect because the photo I took had some correopsis flowers growing behind the dog. I will see you at the Chantilly show on October 20! all the best, Elaine Gravatt