Monday, February 16, 2009

Fulled and Felted Handwoven Scarf

After spending a week working as a "freelance floral designer" for Valentine's Day, I am happy to be back in my studio. The bottom picture is the scarf as it came off the loom. The warp is natural dyed merino wool, the weft is natural dyed corriedale, nat dye handspun alpaca and a nat dye silk scarf that I ripped into strips. I carefully fulled it by hand so I wouldn't dislodge the silk scarf strips. Then I added bands of wool that I dyed with goldenrod to the selvedge areas to create a border, and help hold the silk in place. The colours are like warm sunshine and day lilies, they make me happy!


  1. Not really sure about all the terminology but the finished product looks're right..warm..

  2. this scarf is really beautiful - love the texture with the silk - now you have to wait for the winter..