Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Painting in the Making

Here it is in the middle of construction. I had fun doing the colour washes, now is the tedious part. About half of the weft painting strips are in place. After it is fully assembled I'll tack all the edges and then use acrylic medium to 'glue' it down.
I discovered I can't purchase the dip I wanted to print on fabric until the weather warms up. It can't freeze and temps across the country are heading sub zero for the next little while. Patience Linda! In the meantime I've ordered some prepared sheets to try.
Last night I started painting on fabrics that I natural dyed with marigolds and brazilwood. I've been planning this project for so long I can't believe I'm finally doing it. At some point I must pause the painting and finish shearing Blimunda (English angora rabbit) She is almost done but looks like she is wearing a skirt at the moment. Don't worry, the little darling is snug and warm even without her angora coat. She has the electric radiator that is usually in my room. I have to count on the cats to keep my feet warm at night for awhile!

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